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Last Chance For LTI On New Ships

Today is the last chance to get LTI on any new ships purchased. The 24 hour "cool-down" will prevent anyone from melting down and converting any ships in time if they are purchased tomorrow. Be sure to check out the LTI thread today for help with any ship conversions.

Because this is time sensitive, I will be on standby all day today on the Mumbel channel, the Facebook page, the RSI thread, and here on the OPPF website to assist anyone who needs directions or conversion help.

Re: Last Chance For LTI On New Ships

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Technically, people have until very early Monday (CIG time) to buy something and have it meltable for the live stream. But yes, don't put it off if there's something you're on the fence about.

Likewise, I'll be available to do conversions for the next nine hours. I can be reached by PM here, which gets forwarded directly to my cell phone.