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Usefull Info/links

If this is already somewhere else I do apologise and if someone lets me know I'll move this first link. It's just that when I do find something useful and informative I don't know any central location to post it in.

Liudeius has transcribed all the 10 for the Chairman shows (a huge task):

The best 10 for the Chairman yet:

Our Pitchfork Organisations:
Pitchfork -
Operation Pitchfork -

Engineering: Ship Components Systems:

Transmission-Introducing Your RSI Space Suit:

Pulse Magazine, a really well done SC fan mag:

Transmission-Vanduul Warship Analysis:

Spectrum Dispatch-2681: Scorched Earth:

Spectrum Dispatch-2758: Not in Nottingham

Jump Point: Orion System: (Fan site by sOLARiZ)

Galactic Map (Fan site, I don't know who made it can some one let me know)

UEE Queries: Jump-Points (Current "in lore" mechanics and what to do when you find one)

Chris Roberts on flight mechanics (G-Forces, Maneuverability etc):

Chris Roberts on Multiplayer, Single Player and Instancing (This answers a lot of questions):

Writers Guide Companies 1 (Useful for deciding who/where you want to buy your ship upgrades from):

Writers Guide Criminals (Has a couple of extra companies that were missed in the last one)

Note: It's worth reading the writers guides just for all the info in them apart from the two I've linked here
(aliens, history, UEE structure etc, etc).

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Re: Usefull Info/links

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Jump Point: Orion System:

Wow, I hadn't read this yet.  Is it just me or is there some nuggets of info there?  Humans still living on Orion III?  I wonder if the devs remember  their own lore well enough to incorporate them to be somehow useful to us?  Even if its just some cool story sequences.

Knowing we left humans behind just gives more realistic drive to this campaign.  GET SOME!


Re: Usefull Info/links

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Definitely worth doing and we could potentially use Armitage as a base of operations.