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CASI 3.0 Early Open Beta Test

Hey guys and gals,
As always before i do a full public release i am giving OPPF access first.  So there are still a few bugs and tweaks im working out (plus my new UI isnt fully up and running yet), but compared to how 2.0 was, its already running a lot smoother, a TON faster and has a hell of a lot more commands input.

So lets get to the details shall we?

OPPF login details:
Pass: vacon

This account will stay viable for a few weeks at least, and ill give you all a bit of a warning before i close that access point.

Now to the really important stuff :P

Site: HERE
To download: HERE

Most of the instructions are on the site at the moment(click preset commands) - although there are a few i have not updated as of yet.   

I'll be floating around in Discord or you can drop me an email at if you find a bug or an issue(or just want to chat :P).  Development is continuing, so you will probably be asked to download a new version every time to restart CASI.

At the moment as the site just went back up, chrome is reporting my download ( i have requested a review, this can take a few days some times sigh), same goes with virus scanners - just takes time unfortunately.

Ill update this post with details on how to use and how to setup as i get the chance.

Happy Hunting,
 - Marak

Re: CASI 3.0 Early Open Beta Test

Reply #1
New in version 3:

*Completely rebuilt core systems - approx 30% faster and seems more accurate(difficult to tell)
*All new keybindings have been added
*HUD system is now active(and working this time) - remember you must be in windowed or full screen-windowed(instructions on site)
*More advanced commands(with more accuracy) - check the site for a list(see under custom commands)  - there are a few more i need to add yet

Still to add:
* voice artist audio (currently using your system speech)
* Topic based help (to list commands related to certain actions - such as "Casi show shield commands" will display a list of all applicable commands, as part of the HUD overlay ingame).
* Key binding - rebinding (just going to take a while to type it up, ill get to it when ive gotten the basics back in this version)  - atm only supports standard keybindings
* New Custom Commands (This one will take a little longer, but this time there is a AND/AFTER/DELAY to build custom commands easier)
* Export/Import custom commands(obviously needs to wait for the one above).


Re: CASI 3.0 Early Open Beta Test

Reply #2
I had a quiet day at work, no net so i wrote up my to do list for CASI.

Whats next for CASI?

*Add all HUD items in.
* Add in Category system (this is used for something a little further down the page)
* Add CASI Challenge system (eg: are you sure? yes/no answers with timer support) <- (again used for later down the page)
* Add push to talk check (casi ignores everything when PTT is active)
* Re-enable customisation of keybindings
* Re-enable keybinding import from star citizen
* New login/splash screen (part of the new UI package)

*In development*
* Tutorial System with on-screen display and voice actor recorded information
* Text overlay window to display CASI's Commands(catagory/challenge system used for this to display the correct command set you want information about)/Debug information(when in debug mode)/other information
* Current Command List (Auto-populated list in CASI client with group enable/disable/modify)
* Touch screen controls (android only at the moment sorry - im trying to get my hands on an apple tablet for testing)
* Icon positions depending on ship types(tied into the profile system below)
* Profile system for command sets/icon positions/ custom commands/ voice profiles and voice actor profiles
* Command Export system (requires the new custom command system first)
* Ticker information window to pull from server for important information

* Im trying to contact the guy that does the voice packs that voice attack uses, to see if users who have purchased those packs will be able to use those voices with CASI (i cannot see a legitimate reason why not) - awaiting a reply to my email.
* New debug osd to display - memory usage/ cpu usage/ command threading status etc (thats more for me)

Fly safe,