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Topic: Looking to sell an LTI Caterpillar - $275, or $225 for an OPPF supporter. (Read 2048 times) previous topic - next topic

Looking to sell an LTI Caterpillar - $275, or $225 for an OPPF supporter.

Hi, my name is Xeriar, and I host the Operation Pitchfork website here. I pay for the server, the domain, and the ssl certificate. I do what work it takes to keep this site running and spam-free, however little that is.

Life's been happening for awhile. Lately, I have been getting back on my feet and saving up for a machine that can hopefully actually run this game.

For my relevant credentials, above and beyond running this site, I am Paypal Verified and two years ago when helping people get LTI on their ships was possible I helped a lot of Pitchfork members get LTI on their ships.

The Ship

Drake Caterpillar, LTI

- $275, or $350 in RSI credit.

- If you are an OPPF member, the melt value of $225 is fine, even in RSI credit. Please let me know what your contribution to OPPF is in a PM to get this discount. It doesn't need to be anything major - making graphics, drumming up support on the official forums or elsewhere, etc.

If you are interested, please do one of the following:

* Send me a private message on the OPPF forums or

* Send me a private message on Reddit

In either case, I will need to know:

- Your actual RSI account. Whether RSI confirmed on Starcitizen_Trades or through a post you've made here or on the RSI forums linking you.

- Your verified Paypal e-mail, if not paying via RSI credit.

- What e-mail address you want to be gifted to, if different from your verified Paypal address.

If I accept your offer, I will send you an invoice. If paying via Paypal, it will be from my verified e-mail to yours. If through RSI credit, it will be through PMs on the forums here or on Reddit.

After your payment is received (keep in mind this can take a few days if you do e.g. an eCheck payment through Paypal), I will send you your new Caterpillar.

Thanks. Hope to see you at my side in a few months. : )


Re: Looking to sell an LTI Caterpillar - $275, or $225 for an OPPF supporter.

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I just received email asking about LTI ships let me check
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