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Topic: Controller Balance (setups we as players can do to find a solution) (Read 1848 times) previous topic - next topic

Controller Balance (setups we as players can do to find a solution)

This is NOT a "one vs the other" thread but rather an attempt to start finding a solution. Please limit comments here to settings that we as players can apply to our joystick's/hotas' rather than things CIG have to do.

Was just playing around with the controller settings and made a rather good discovery. Firstly I need to say I'm not buying into the whole controller argument. I like joysticks in space games coz they feel more "real" to me, I've been using the mouse/k'board coz I haven't been able to hit a bloody thing using my joystick (Saitek Cyborg Evo). In short I'm a crap combat pilot :)

Here is what I found:

"aim left/right" on the JS x-axis
"aim up/down" on the JS y-axis
setting a key to "couple aim/move" (this limits how far aim will go so you don't end up looking out to the side or straight up)

This setup binds the X and Y stick axes to both the ship movement and aim areas in the bindings

It has been noted that if you are using a combination of fixed and gimbled weapons that you need to bind a key to unlock the gimbled weapons.

My joystick is behaving similar enough to how the mouse does that I can now hit stuff using it again. WOOHOO \o/
I won't say I am as effective with it as I am with a K/B Mouse but I honestly feel that will just come down to time and practice now.

Would love to hear some feed back from folks who give it a go.

PS. Although I acknowledge that this LOOKS like mouse control when you're using it, it does NOT turn the JS into a poor mans (albeit a very expensive) mouse. There are no changes to flight control, it simply adds gimbled/turreted aiming over the top of it.