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Star Citizen radio stations?

Anyone out there willing to teach me how to run an online radio station? I'd love to make one!

The other question is how will radio stations work on SC? I've heard somewhere about the idea of in-game radio

Re: Star Citizen radio stations?

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When I learn on how to do it I plan to share it. But as for right now the only option I am aware of is a Twitch stream on a remote computer for the outbound signal.

I do hope that we get a few of the radio streamers that are willing to help host the radio station for operation pitchfork, because trying to squeeze everyone into multi team speak servers will be a major confusion.

I just plan to keep folks posted on the status reported by now. If we can't get day one access to in the verse radio communications.

Re: Star Citizen radio stations?

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Yeah a pitchfork radio station for news and info would be good. I plan on broadcasting a station that plays the perfect music for long time spent in QD or exploration

Re: Star Citizen radio stations?

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Anyone out there willing to teach me how to run an online radio station? I'd love to make one!

The other question is how will radio stations work on SC? I've heard somewhere about the idea of in-game radio
I had very little to do today so I decided I'd see if I could dig up some answers on how to run one. The following is all stuff I found in an afternoon of trawling forums, message boards and google search results so it might not nessicarily be correct or accurate. But it should be a good place to start.

You might want to look at shoutCast or icecast. These are both audio server software that let you stream audio to any connecting compatible client. Again I've never actually used ethier of them before so I can't comment just yet on how well they work, legal issues with them or how to properly set them up. But there are plenty of detailed how to guides for both of them.

Just be warned that if you are to run such a server of your home computer it must transmit the full quality stream individually to each connecting client. This will absolutely blitz your broadband for as long as it's running. The only real way around this is to run the server on a dedicated host such as one provided listen2myradio or myradiostream, (there are many more besides but they where some of the free ones I found). With a dedicated machine running the server you can stream the audio once from your home machine and have the dedicated server be the thing that sends the full quality stream individually to each client.

Since shoutCast and Icecast audio servers are the standard for online radio streams if CIG ever implement ingame player radio it will probably take the form of the game client being able to accept shoutCast and Icecast streams. CIG will also likely compile a repository of star citizen themed audio streams and allow the player to access that list and connect to them in game. The reason this is the most likely way of them doing it is it the most simple and effective way for CIG to do it. But that said setting up, configuring and running an audio server is not the easiest of tasks. If you want to broadcast with a little less hassle there are a few simple options and alternatives but unlike running your own server you'll have less control over it and likely more difficulty getting it to connect into star citizen if CIG do implement player radio.

So here are some of them;

  • You remember when I said the only real way around the broadband problem was a dedicated server? Well I lied.
    peercast uses p2p to dodge the heavy broadband load of the broadcaster and can provide anonymity to said broadcaster. Unfortunately each user (unless they're on the same LAN as another user) needs a copy of the peerCast client for it to work.

  • Radionomy Could be a good choice for broadcaster getting their toes wet for the first time. Like everything else mentioned I've never used it before but it's features are supposed to be decent

  • mixlr's entire selling point is ease of use and simplicity.

  • live365 requires money saddly and is one of the more greedy buisness models but it is nice in that handles all the fiddly copyright crap for you (at least in the US)

Well I hope that some of that was at least somewhat useful to you( and is at least somewhat accurate). I also may or may not be giving some of these services and servers a try so we'll see how that turns out. And I'm interested to hear how your forays into online radio go.

Re: Star Citizen radio stations?

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Nice, that's a lot to work with, and yeah I'll update on my end too