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fund a bagel carrier (world wide!)

The first part of Operation Bagel Carrier consists of a massive delivery of bagels to all three primary offices for CIG, as a special lunch treat for them. This is going to cost several hundreds of dollars in total. I am in communication with three high-quality bagel shops to deliver this feast, and we are resolving the details of the deliveries as we speak. I hereby pledge to pay for 10% of the bill, personally.

Any additional funds that are received will be donated to a relief effort for Haiti. The organization that these funds will go to has already been there twice, and has built an orphanage/hospital there, constructed a well and pump so that they can have clean drinking water, and done a great deal more, but the people there could still use a lot of help. On their next trip, they hope to create a facility to help train Haitians in construction, creating jobs and giving them some much needed knowledge and tools so that they can improve their own quality of life.

Whether you can donate $5 or $50, we will be grateful for anything you can spare.

I pointed Grimbrand towards a site called gofundme which is designed for just this sort of thing. He created this page to handle the fund raising

If you are interested, give it a look.
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Re: fund a bagel carrier (world wide!)

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Donated towards it, but it seems the post on the RSI forums has been closed and the link removed as it's interpreted as raising funds for a personal project. I'm not really sure if there is a way to make it known on the main forum without breaking that rule.

He managed to get $200 pledged before it happened apparently.

Re: fund a bagel carrier (world wide!)

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The Community Management team wants CIG to starve to death.

I wish I had a bagel lunch..