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Post your flight schedules here

In the pitchfork newsletter we asked if people wanted to come together and train in Arena Commander. If you wish to do so, you can post when you are online here. Be sure to explicitly note your timezone when you do so

Re: Post your flight schedules here

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Hey guys usually fly at least five nights a week any time after 0800 pm or 2000 hours eastern time for the U.S.,
look forward to flying with you guys! :)


P.S. Anyone wanting to set up a time with me to fly please feel free to Pm me anytime.

Re: Post your flight schedules here

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Melbourne, AUS. 6pm onward. +10:00 UTC

Re: Post your flight schedules here

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You guys make me wish I could actually have a steady schedule... :(
Anyone got a Con Andromeda Physical Goodies package you're thinking about melting for a Digital? Send me a note--maybe we can make a deal.