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First and foremost, hello to everyone who is viewing this posting with interest. I am known as Scootaluna, a "Night Knight" within the New Lunar Republic (NLR) and leader of the Midnight Order, the main military branch of the NLR fleet as a whole. As of today, we would like to announce the participation of the NLR and many of its member in aiding Operation Pitchfork and furthering its goals.

What you need to know about the NLR:
-The NLR is by and large a fairly relaxed and casual Org, with opportunities for most career options with a focus on exploration and mercantile. Regular play time is NOT mandatory, though being able to work with others is encouraged, and the Midnight Order in specific is a bit more strict with its ideas. (Being mostly a military branch.) You will have a choice to join an Order or not, based upon your desired career in the Verse.
-The NLR is layered with various sub-divisions with unique focuses to help add an air of cohesion and individuality and focus on your desired role within the Org. In specific, the Order that I head has a focus on the protection of the NLR as well as its members and their possessions, the core of the NLR focuses on exploration, and more Orders are to come as the Org continues to grow.
-The NLR is looking to recruit more long-term members, and not affiliates, however, affiliates will be added as needed to crew the empty roles in the Midnight Order's Fleet.
-We are a UEE-Neutral Org on the whole, meanwhile the Midnight Order takes a more 'Pro-UEE' approach, and while we will not go out of our way to stop all criminal activity, will often respond to distress calls from any individuals, even outside of the NLR, though NLR member will ALWAYS get priority in emergencies.
-The NLR is an English exclusive Org, largely based around North American schedule, though we do have few members from UK/Australian time-zones.

The New Lunar Republic in Operation Pitchfork:
-By and large, the Midnight Order will by the part of the NLR participating in Operation Pitchfork, being in control of a large percentage of the Org's military oriented ships. These ships span from single-person fighter crafts, to large multi-crew capital-class ships, to the support ships needed to keep them all operational.
-Mainly, we will need individuals to fill crew roles aboard various multi-crew ships. Everything from competent engineers to hawk-eyed turret gunners. The Midnight Order fleet is mainly composed of larger ships, including the NLR Flagship, the Idris-P 'Vince Volksha', a Polaris, Hammerhead, Crucible, Carrack, and various others, most all of which will be taking part in OPPF, crew numbers permitting. We may also require crews for two Tumbril Nova Tanks should ground combat be expected, and marine forces should we wish to attempt the capture of any Vanduul ship(s).
-The Midnight Order is dedicated to the protection of not only NLR members, but those who could become NLR members. The Vanduul threaten the NLR, and humanity as a whole, and must be combated and countered at any possible opportunity. Operation Pitchfork is that opportunity to make a difference, to reclaim space once inhabited by humans, and to help ensure the security of trade-lanes and even core systems. This fight will continue well beyond the scope of Operation Pitchfork.
-During the Operation, you can most likely expect to be on the front-lines of the combat, assisting other aspects of the more organized/large-scale fleets taking part in OPPF, however there are also non-combat roles that we wish to fill. So even if you are gun-shy, you too can do your part against the Vanduul threat! Non-combat roles will included Search and Rescue/Medical Relief, Repair and Resupply, and Intelligence Gathering.

If you would like to know more about joining the New Lunar Republic, or just the NLR in general, you can find our Org an the RSI website here:

You can also contact me via PM here, or otherwise via Spectrum Chat on the RSI website using the same username of "Scootaluna" ( ), our Org's leader "Bretcaneron" ( ) or even the leader of the Order of the Wolf, "Revan Grey" ( ).

New Lunar Republic or no, if you are taking part in Operation Pitchfork, we wish you the best of luck. Should you find yourself in a pinch, do not hesitate to call upon the NLR. We will be doing our best to aid other aspects of the Operation's Fleet.