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Operation Pitchfork Universal Citizen Announcement

Now it's been a while since I was last on these forums, so I'm not sure where everything should go. This isn't a music piece or video but more like a radio transmission/propaganda (though it can be used in a video).

Attention all Citizens of the UEE. There now follows a Universal Citizen's Announcement given by Operation Pitchfork:

As required by Paragraph 17, Sections 10,11 and 12 of the UEE Trade Overwatch Act 2925, all Sponsors of this broadcast are properly disclosed.

[[OOC: I did post this in the Main OPPF thread on the Star Citizen a couple days earlier but decided to post here as well because this is the hub of the Pitchfork Movement. Please note that the version on soundcloud contains an error at the end, where I mispronounced Sailor67's name. This is fixed in the version uploaded to mediafire, which can be found here as well as in the description on Soundcloud.

I did this for two reasons. Firstly because I wanted to support the cause by providing more propaganda
factual, hard-hitting truths against the bestial Vanduul. Secondly I love voice-over and all things related to it, bringing various projects to life whether they're my own or someone else's. I like getting the perfect sound, crafting and improving my voice and let my imagination run wild. Someday I'd love to take it up perhaps as a career but until then I do it because it's one of my passions :D.

I have other files/projects on Soundcloud as well, so feel free to check them out.

That said, here it is for the valiant Pitchforkers do with what they please. Glory to Pitchfork, Orion, Space Bacon and the Just Cause ;)!]]

Re: Operation Pitchfork Universal Citizen Announcement

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Well done, great voice and really well written, now we need someone to make a movie

Re: Operation Pitchfork Universal Citizen Announcement

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Pitchfork Belongs to all of us

Re: Operation Pitchfork Universal Citizen Announcement

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This is fantastic! I love it. Great job on this, I could use this to bring new people into the fray


Re: Operation Pitchfork Universal Citizen Announcement

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Well done! I really like the clarity of the recording too it makes it sound official.