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Animated Pitchfork Logo Request
I'm looking for two different sorts of flashy animated Pitchfork logos. Color scheme can change as needed. Ideally, they should look futuristic and technical, like some of the Star Citizen logo reveals, or say, the electrified look of Blizzard's logo - I'm not talking about rotating coins.

I cam make some simplistic designs, but more complicated work would get pretty tedious, and I know I'm not the best designer.

1) The first set is kindof a sign-off / sign-on logo. It would be used by Pitchforkers to leave their stamp on a video.

2) The second is a looping animation to be put on the site's homepage. Ideally, I would like several sets so as to choose one at random when loading.

It does not need to look like any current logo, beyond having the distinctive four-pronged Pitchfork look. That said, I can already think of a few ideas to accentuate the current logo if I end up needing to do this myself.

We've come a long way in the past few years, both in terms of membership and everything that each of us has learned. I would like to show it. : )