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Arena Commander Training Seminars

The key to destroying the Vanduul will be in knowing how to handle our ships.

Key strategic assets begin with simple but important questions, such as "Exactly how long can a Hornet fly in combat before the pilot needs more fuel and ammunition?"
Next, they lead to more useful questions, such as "In what ways can a pilot fly to reduce the fuel and ammunition spent, so that they can remain active longer, without reducing combat capability?"

Questions like these need to be answered, and while all ships will be adjusted before the release of the open beta, at least we will have some idea of the combat capabilities of our vessels.

Therefore, I propose that when full multiplayer is released for AC, we begin training sessions with three goals in mind:
1) To better prepare our pilots for the coming storm by drilling them and letting them get to know their ships.
2) To research the pros and cons of each vessel, and to find the sweet spots of efficiency with each design.
3) To develop advanced combat maneuvers and strategies that will be useful in maximizing our military power.

Your thoughts?
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Re: Arena Commander Training Seminars

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Absolutely yes. Excellent idea. Especially with Vanduul swarm giving us a good look at the Scythe at higher difficulties. We need to know how our ships handle too

Re: Arena Commander Training Seminars

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Resource management is very, very important indeed. More important than most people think it is.

For starters, pilots and control centers should be aware of the ships' action radius from a "safe" point in space where they can always return to. Maybe with a buffer for safety.

We also can't afford messing around with unnecessary fuel/ammo consumption on the way to the battlefield. this can't be underestimated.

As for ammo consumption, there should be rules of engagement for example: no more shooting when you can see the target is disabled, to conserve ammo. no use in shooting the disabled vehicle unless you absolutely have to eliminate him. if you don't, will we take prisoners?

Here is a documentary on an incredibly high-risk bombing raid during the Falklands campaign where a Vulcan nuclear bomber had fly 8000 miles to it's target, accompanied by 11 refueling aircraft. at 21:10 they explain the re-fuel strategy.

Fun fact: at 11:25 in the documentary they introduce the operation commander and say; "he lived on a diet of bacon sandwiches and pipe tobacco" which i think is quite appropriate for OPPF.