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A Call For Board Moderator's

Many of the boards don't really need Moderator action.. But a little Moderator support in certain boards would be nice.

As a moderator we just ask that you help in keeping topic's organized or help to keep a board sorted out from any issues if they was to Pop-up.
Mostly helping topic's to be sorted to the respected boards or helping out other members of the board in locating the similar topics.

as for right now we are looking for some-one or individuals willing to help in being Board Moderators to:

Artwork -
Visual Media -
Operation Pitchfork -
Get to know your fellow Forkers -

If I missed anything please feel free to comment about a board you feel needs some more help or an additional hand.

If interested in Volunteering, please send a PM to Sailor67, Benjamin the Rogue, Lyt_Speed, Xeriar, ArbitrarySketch, & JackDaniels.
So your volunteer status is under review to all staffer's.