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The Walker Brothers


Well since i like roleplay i figured why not be the first post in here. maybe others will do the same. Even start some PRE Operation Pitchfork Roleplay interactions to better get to know the characters we will be flying as. Well hopefully anyway.

Ok, so i will be using this thread to introduce my main 3 characters i will be playing as on the server.

I will be RP'ing as a triplet set of brothers. The first three posts will be UEE Federal Government Profiles done in images. The three brothers are:

Captain Jason Walker, Former CAG and Squadron 42 Leader posted on the UEES Paul Steed.
Commander Marcus Walker, OX of the UEES Paul Steed Fighter Squadron 42
Anthony Walker, CEO and Founder of Aerodyne Engineering.

so without further rantings, Jason Walker's UEE Military Profile Sheet is the first. Followed in order by: Commander Marcus Walker and Anthony Walker.

Captain Jason 'Hobbes' Walker

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Commander Marcus 'Draconis' Walker

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Anthony 'Freakazoid' Walker

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Re: Captain Jason 'Hobbes' Walker

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Fancy! Nice work on your character.

Re: Captain Jason 'Hobbes' Walker

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liked the characters!
where can i make a character sheet of my own?
would really like to "get in character" before the battle

Re: Captain Jason 'Hobbes' Walker

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ok update,

minor changes to the profile sheet. Adjusted civilian ships for Jason Walker. As well i posted the Profile Sheet for Marcus Walker.

Re: Captain Jason 'Hobbes' Walker

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ok posted Anthony Walkers Profile Sheet.

Re: The Walker Brothers

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Let's see: you're OBV an Avengers fan (Paul Steed), and ditto Freelancer (Marcus Walker.) Did I catch all the Easter Eggs? :D
Anyone got a Con Andromeda Physical Goodies package you're thinking about melting for a Digital? Send me a note--maybe we can make a deal.