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A Call To Arms From An Unexpected Direction

I recently had the pleasure, as a lot of us did, of hearing Admiral Bishop speak fervently to the UEE Senate regarding the need for immediate and sustained action against the Vanduul hordes infesting our worlds.  While I have harbored no small amount of ill will toward Admiral Bishop over his seemingly callous silence at the site of the recent attacks on Vega II, I am forced to now reconsider my judgement of the man.  Perhaps, finally, someone within the UEE military understands what is needed to be done.  Perhaps Admiral Bishop, after seeing exactly what we out here on the borders of "UEE" space have been trying to tell anyone who will listen firsthand, finally understands.  I'm sure a great many of you if not all of you have seen his speech but I believe it has a place here because I believe it speaks directly to those of us involved with Operation Pitchfork.  If ever you are in need of inspirational words, click the link below.