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Topic: [AFFILIATES WELCOME][RP-FRIENDLY] Skyhound United - Cavalry/Support division (Read 2982 times) previous topic - next topic

[AFFILIATES WELCOME][RP-FRIENDLY] Skyhound United - Cavalry/Support division

RSI Organisation Page:

Recruitment Status:
We're always accepting new members!

Primary Language

EST or UTC-4

Primary Contact:
Contact mediaflare(me) if you have questions, or post here or on our RSI thread:

Organisation Alignment:
We are a freelancing organization. That being said, we don't judge hard on most actions, but we do not allow things such as shooting escape pods or making a fool of ourselves

Goal For Operation Pitchfork:
Skyhound United's two main jobs is Cavalry and Medicine. Our Endeavor Hope-class, the Kennel, will be stationed on the edge of the frontlines for respawning, healing, and regrouping.  While that's going on, the rest of the org will be charging their ships through the battle onto the surface to drop off infantry and supplies, as well as retrieve wounded.

Will we be Participating in the Assault?
Absolutely, our goal is to do everything we can to keep the front lines moving forward

Main Goal for Organisation:
For OPPF, we are support. Our main goal is to get boots on the ground, and save as many lives as possible.

After OPPF we will travel the 'verse doing our own thing, but always keeping our comms open for fellow forkers should they need us

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