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Nassau Trading Company - NTC

Greetings Citizen!

I am Greyhart, Prime Organizer of the Nassau Trading Company. We are primarily a shipping Organization, though we also trade on speculation. The link above should give you all the specific information you'll need to decide if we are what you're looking for.

We are an English speaking Org, and quite honestly, I have no idea how many time zones our members occupy, though we are organized out of North America. I'd like to see us grow to be a global Organization. We are a Star Citizen only Organization , by which I mean Star Citizen is the only game where we have a game presence.

NTC was set up with the intent of moving cargo (any type of cargo) from anywhere in the Verse, to anywhere in the Verse. We also ship from anyone, to anyone, so some routes will be more dangerous than others. We are a Syndicate, which means both individual Citizens and entire Organizations can join us. We all have our own unique skills and abilities. NTC takes advantage of that, and helps you to succeed, by helping you, do what you do best.

We welcome anyone who is willing to succeed by helping us succeed. As a Casual Organization, we don't require people to spend a specific amount of time with us in game. My hope is that between the pay and the adventure, most will want to take Org jobs every time they play. The only commitment you make, is that if you take a cargo run from us, you complete it in a single session.

Our goal in Operation Pitchfork, is to have a great time, and kick Vanduul butt. Most of our ships are multi-crew, and have some (or a lot of) cargo capacity, though at this time, we have two Crucibles for ship repair, two Starfarers for refueling, a Redeemer for escort, a Terrapin and Carrack for tracking ship movements, a Caterpillar that may be used for medical and respawn (if the Devs follow through with the med pod), and a couple of Capital ships, including an Idris. We also have cargo ships from a Constellation to a Hull-E. I expect the role of most of our ships will be rear area supply and repair, though any ship may be called to a battle to supply, or repair our forces there.

If you have questions or comments, you can log onto our Discord server and let us know. As Alpha 3.0 becomes available, we will be organizing regular Org Play Sessions to get to know each other, and to crew the bigger ships.

Whether you're a trader, cargo pilot, pirate, mercenary, or social player, we have a position that will fit you.

Click here now, to see what we have for you!