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Short story and Narration Archives

Well, this is where you guys will post your short stories and narrations.

Here, I'll throw in my two cents.

Telling the Grandchildren

"Grandpa, what did you do during the Orion war?"
"Child, I was at the front of the lines, along with the other brave men and women. We became titans, ready to fight the endless waves of the horrid Vanduul.

Against countless waves we fought and endured, but our numbers fell. Just when we thought we were going to die, we spotted the most beautiful sights of our lives"

"What was it grandpa? What did you see?"

"We saw Auroras hundreds of Auroras, sun gleaming off of the glass, speeding into battle."

"Auroras grandpa? But they're horrible at combat!"

"No child, they were glorious. Hundreds of them streaked in, cargo containers filled with antimatter. The Vanduul ignored them, concentrating on the surviving heavy ships. But they chose wrong.

In a split second, the battle turned. Hundreds of antimatter explosions lit up the battlefield, catching even more Vanduul ships. Then the reinforcements came. Frigates, cruisers, and even the legendary privately owned Bengals jumped in, filled with reinforcements and firepower. In less then a few minutes, the battle had turned. We were doing it. We were winning. Orion, after all of our sweat, tears, and blood, was finally ours."

"Grandpa, what did you guys do after the battle of Orion?"

"Child, Orion was the point when the Vanduuls started falling apart. We beat the living s*** out of them after it. We made them fear us. Oh, and the Auroras. Thats why they flee when they see one. Antimatter cargo bays."

"Anyways child, the story is over. Who wants bacon!?!"

And Assault on Tiber

Now you guys contribute!

As for me? I'll be adding a short every few days... or maybe multiple a day.  Depends on my writing mood.

Re: Short story and Narration Archives

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Hmm... we may want to find our own Fitsmitthy for some dramatic readings.

Re: Short story and Narration Archives

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Caught it after I saw this post.  And he did start sounding younger.

Re: Short story and Narration Archives

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Posting new story in several hours.