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Black box log from Lt. Mitchell Hayes, Vega systems defender (Declassified)

2945.10.06 SET

UEEN-R Flight recorder log of:
Lt. Mitchell Hayes
Vega system local militia

Time stamp: 1322 LST (local system time)
EDL system: Active
Destination: Landing pad 24, city of New Montgomery
Altitude: 800 m and descending

Lt. Hayes: "....roger ground control, I have the beacon in sight and on final approach. Stand by for final system hand over."

System alert!!!
Vega emergency services channel notification


H: "What the hell?"

*System alert!!!*
EDL system manual override
Engine powered to full thrust
Altitude increasing
Weapons safeties disengaged

Ground control: "Hornet 563, what the hell are you doing?!?! We have a full pattern down here.....!!!"

H: "....Ground control, look at the emergency channel, Vega is under attack!"


GC: "Oh god....!" *****static***** Alarm noises in background. "All ships, break off landing approaches!!! I repeat, break off landing approaches!!! Altitude restriction is rescinded! Throttle up and get space side as fast as you can! Vega system is under Vanduul attack, I repeat Vega system is under Vanduul attack! All ships are cleared for immediate departure!"

*Com channel switched from Ground 1 to UEEM channel 6*

H: "This is Hornet 563, any militia ships in this sector? Over." *****static***** "I repeat, are there any Vega militia ships in sector 3-4-Bravo. Over."

Hornet 612: " This is Hornet 612, I copy. That you skipper? This can't be real, can it? Over."

H: "It's real, Aloisia, I have no doubt. I don't have you on sensors, where are you at? Over."

612: "40km north-north-east of New Montgomery. I got a lot of civie traffic here going sky side looking for a fight. Do we have a rally point yet? Over."

H: "Negative, not yet. Hold position, I'm going to vector in as many as I can to you, see if we can get a defense set up before they get here. Over."

612: "Roger that skipper, see you then. Hornet 612, out."

H: "Hornet 563, out."

*com channel changed from UEEM Channel 6 to Ground 1*

H: "Break, break, break."

GC: "Station with traffic, go..."

H: "This is Lt. Hayes, UEE Navy Reserves, over New Montgomery. Any civilian ships looking to participate in the air defense we are mustering everything 40km North-North-East of the city. If you are armed we would appreciate the help. Over."

Unknown contact: "You guys are nuts, I'm getting the hell out of here..." *****static*****

Unknown contact 2: "Coward, get your ass back here..."

Constellation: "This is the Connie 'Ain't Miss Behavin'. I have the 3 'L's Lieutenant: Locked, Loaded, and Looking to kick some ass. We are fully fueled, fully armed and itching to fry some 'Duul."

H: "Roger that 'Ain't Miss Behavin'. I'm transmitting the Rally point to Ground Control for them to upload to all ships wishing to help in the defense. I'm also including an authorization form for all pilots. The Vega system militia will cover all fuel, munition and damage costs for anyone who helps defend, over."

*Data packet transmission commenced*
Transmission successful.

AMB: "Roger that, mighty kind of you. See you at the welcoming party."

H: "Thank you Miss Behaving, and any other ships joining up. We just need to hold them off until the Navy support gets here. No hero stuff, just keep them busy. Hornet 563 out."

*Com channel changed to private band.*
Connection to civilian telecom system initialized....
Handshake confirmed.
Establishing connection to Mobiglass for Elise Hayes.....

Elise: "Mitch, is that you? What's going on? The emergency alert system went off a couple minutes ago. My Spectrum feed is down. What's happening?"

H: "Hon, get the kids and drive to the shelter as fast as you can! We're under attack. New Corvo has already been hit and they are on their way here now!"

E: "Oh God.... oh God, Oh God, oh God.... (muffled) Alban, go get your father's rifle from the locker and your sister, now... We have to go..., right now, hurry! (more clearly) Please tell me you are your way home..."

H: "Sorry..., but I'm the highest ranking Reservist in air right now. We're going to try and hold them off until the fleet gets here. I'll call you as soon as I can once this is over. Ok?"

(Long pause in audio)

E: "Be careful, hotshot... you promise?"

H: "I promise. Tell the kids I love them and I'll be home soon.... and Elise..."

E: "I know.... Just take care of business and get back soon."

*Connection terminated*

*Com channel changed to UEEM Channel 6*

H: "Hornet 612, this is Hornet 563, over."

612: "612 here, go ahead, over."

H: "I have a dozen or so mixed ships with me heading to the rally point. How are we looking so far? Over."

612: "We picked up 8 of our guys who scrambled when the first alert hit, and I have 30 civies here in everything from Aurora's to a 'Tali converted for cargo service. Over."

H: "Roger that, take them and set them up on a intercept line for the New Corvo approach. We hold them back away from the city. Over."

612: "On it boss, 612 out."

H: "563, out."

Weapon system diagnostic.......
GT-220's at 1400 rounds each
CF-007's fully charged
CF-117's fully changed
8 Stalker missiles
Shields fully charged
Armor at 100%

Lincoln 374: "UEE Hornet this is Lincoln 374, New Montgomery PD. Currently on your left wing, over."

H: "I see you Lincoln 374. Go with your traffic, over."

L374: "Outside of my nose gun, I only have distortion cannons on this bird. I don't know how much help I can be. Over."

H: "Aim for their main thrusters. Your D-cannons will shut them down and gravity will do the rest. Just remember your training and you should be fine. Over."

Multiple craft detected
Beginning IFF Interrogation....
No UEE IFF detected
Signature matches Vanduul Scythe and Glaive class fighters
Classifying as hostile
Uploading telemetry to local battlenet...........
Upload completed

612: "Tally ho on.... holy shit.... 90 enemy ships...."

H: "All ships, pair up with another vessel then move to intercept. We need to stick together and push them away from Montgomery."

Unknown: "Holy crap, look at all of them..."
Unknown: "They have landing ships too. No fecking way am I going to let them get dirt side."
Unknown: "By the Lamp that's a lot of 'Duul."

H: "Cut the chatter folks. Just focus and time your shots. This isn't Arena Commander. Keep your head on a swivel and remember these guys don't mess around. Burn them before they burn you."

*Missile guidance activated........*
*Target locked*
*Missile away*

H: "One away. Fire at will, I repeat fire at will."

*Laser cannons firing*
*Shields registering multiple hits, down to 72%*
*Laser cannons at 68% power*
*Shields and weapons recharging*
*Warning- High G forces detected*

H: "Come on you bastard, lead into it.... aha got him! One down!"

Unknown: "Someone get him off me, I can't shake him."
Unknown: "I got him, hard left..... now!"
Unknown: "Thanks man, I thought I was smoked."

*Ballistic cannons firing............. down to 1332 rounds each*
*Ballistic cannons firing............. down to 1284 rounds each*

Ain't Miss Behavin': "I got one of those landing ships in sight, locking on with a full rail of missiles..... and firing! Watch your butts folks this is going to be big...."

*Ballistic cannons firing............. down to 1126 rounds each*

*Warning! Massive explosion detected!*
*Sensor malfunction..... no data*
*Sensors recalibrating*
*Sensors back online*

AMB: "Oh yeah baby, look at that thing burn!!!"

Lincoln 374: "I'm hit, right wing is completely gone, someone get these guys off of m..... *****static*****"

Unknown: "They're breaking through. We've got fighters over the city."

H: "Mustang on my left wing and the 300i to my right, form up on me. We're going to try and get the ones who broke through.

Mustang: "Gotcha."

300i: "Right-O, mate."

*Shield registering hits, down to 88%*
*WARNING - IR Missile lock detected!*
*WARNING - Inbound IR missile detected!*
*Flare launched*
*Flare launched*
*Missile Evaded*
*Shields recharging*

Mustang: "I got 3 heading downtown. Bastards are strafing the buildings."

300i: "Bloody hell, I have 4 more heading towards the space port."

H: "You two take the ones at the space port. I'll take the three downtown."

300i: "Three on your own? Are you daft or something mate?"

H: "Only when it matters, get going you two!"

*Missile guidance activated........*
*Target locked*
*Missile guidance activated........*
*Target locked*
*Missile away*
*Missile away*

H: "Got another one, only thing left of him is vapor..."

*Laser cannons firing*
*Laser cannon power at 73%*
*Laser cannon power at 61%"
*Laser cannon power at 48%"
*Laser cannons recharging*

H: "Second one down. How are you two doing?"

Mustang: "We have two down, but I'm having trouble with this g...... oh shi....! *****Static*****"

300i: "We've got more incoming. Christ, it looks like 5 bombers and a dozen of their little friends."

H: "Mayday, Mayday, any craft. We have bombers heading towards the city. Anyone who can break off and intercept?"

612: "They're all over us skipper, we've already lost 4 ships.

AMB: "I'm heading that way now, see if I can bring some hurt on them."

Retaliator: "Coming about, lets see how they can handle the teeth of a 'Tali!"

*Engine boost engaged*
*Warning - High G-forces*
*Warning - Proximity alert portside*
*Warning - Proximity alert starboard side*

H: "Come on you bucket of bolts..."

*Power rerouted to main thruster*

*Signature matches Vanduul class Void bomber*
*Warning - Scans detect anti-matter munitions on board vessel*

*Missile guidance activated........*
*Target locked*
*Missile guidance activated........*
*Target locked*
*Missile guidance activated........*
*Target locked*
*Missile guidance activated........*
*Target locked*
*Missile away*
*Missile away*
*Missile away*
*Missile away*

*Warning! Massive explosion detected!*
*Sensor malfunction..... no data*
*no data*
*no data*
*Sensors recalibrating*
*Sensors back online*

H: "Take that you bastard....!"

*All weapons firing*
*Laser cannon power at 71%*
*Ballistic cannons down to 1006 rounds each*
*Laser cannon power at 59%"
*Ballistic cannons down to 973 rounds each*
*Laser cannon power at 35%"

612: "Boss, you're too close! Break off, break off."

*Warning! Massive explosion detected!*
*data error*
*Signal lost*

2945-10-11_15:37 SET
To: Admiral Ernst Bishop, 2nd Fleet, Vega system
From: CAG Commander Jeanette Vishay, 2nd Fleet, Vega system
After Action Report, UEEN-R Lt. Mitchell Hayes


After we recovered Lt. Hayes's flight recorder we were able to piece together his final flight. The Lt. was able to put together a loose collection of civilian, military and local police pilots to create a squadron of "minutemen", to use the old Earth term, and lessen what could have been catastrophic civilian casualties.

I am recommending that Lt. Junior Grade Aloisia Pernot be promoted to full Lieutenant.

I am also recommending that Lt. Hayes be posthumously promoted to Lt. Commander, and submit a request that he also be posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his actions.

The Lt. showed courage above and beyond the call of duty and embodied the finest traits that the UEE Navy strives for.

Cmdr, Jeanette Vishay
Commander Air Group
2nd Fleet
Vega system

Re: Black box log from Lt. Mitchell Hayes, Vega systems defender (Declassified)

Reply #1
Enjoyed reading that. Thanks for putting it up.  :D

Re: Black box log from Lt. Mitchell Hayes, Vega systems defender (Declassified)

Reply #2
Drew a little inspiration from the Star Wars Radio Dramas, but more so wanted to write something where the pilot wasn't some super human fellow who survives, but desperate guy trying to save his home and doesn't make it.

Re: Black box log from Lt. Mitchell Hayes, Vega systems defender (Declassified)

Reply #3
Indeed, I find those often make for the most interesting stories. Some of my favorites were ones that ended in everyone dying to save a colony for example. Such as some of the first StarCraft books written.

Re: Black box log from Lt. Mitchell Hayes, Vega systems defender (Declassified)

Reply #4
Nicely done!

Re: Black box log from Lt. Mitchell Hayes, Vega systems defender (Declassified)

Reply #5
Was thinking it could be cool to do a audio production of this, but that's just wanderlust at best.