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A Fool's Chance (Fan Fiction)

Whoops. I just realized that I hadn't posted this here yet. Until a better posting option is available, I'm just going to link the thread over on RSI...

This is the story of Penelope Clairmont- Penny to the reader; Nel or Nels to her friends- a young pilot from a troubled background who's just lost her copilot and best friend to a Vanduul attack. The story follows her attempts to find a balance between her criminal upbringing and a better future... and, of more immediate concern now, her attempt (with the help of some kindred spirits) to get even with the Vanduul.

This is going to be a living story in that the outcome of Operation Pitchfork will determine the fate of the main character and her companions. The story will run at least until after the main event; whether or not it continues depends entirely on what happens during the last weekend of the Beta!

Here's the main story thread on RSI, and the comment thread. Feel free to comment here as well if you'd like. Hope you enjoy the story!