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Vega Bonds Prologue

Location:UEE Controlled Space
Planet:Vega III [Selene]
Section: OPPF Rally Point 2
OPPF Intelligence File: MF/CC/B2-#138067
Name: Seigfried "Jack Knife" Zeon
Occupation: [REDACTED],[REDACTED],Mercenary,Ballroom Dancer
UEE Citizen Record: #138067
Military Service Record: UEE Navy Retired
Registered Ships: 325a,Cutlass Black

   In a dark corner of the OPPF Supply Depot on the edge of the Megapolis city of Titus sits an equally massive hangar area bustling with Forkers preparing for the coming invasion. Within one of these restless occupied hangars sits a tall man on a Stor-All crate fiddling with his gifted ExoGlas. His raven colored hair and beard lit up by his ExoGlas and focused from under the visor of his old military cap. His face resembles a man in his late 20s or early thirties. Caucasian with a grizzled appearance complimented by a cybernetic red eye shining back into his ExoGlas with diligence and annoyance. Looking down from the edges of the light you can see the upturned collar of a UEE Environment Coat hinted at from the faint glow of an Arclight sidearm and the reflection of a Stor-All container revealing the glowing battery core of his ATT4 assault rifle slung over his shoulder. All of this is noticed by the fresh faced recruit sent to find him.

"Come on,come on you stupid piece of shit. Boot up so I can read Op.Net." Said the shadowy figure ignoring the approaching recruit who stopped not sure of who he was looking at or what to say he made a coughing noise after a few moments of uncertainty.

"What the hell do you want!? Can't you see I'm taking a shit here!?" Yelled the agitated shadowy figure sitting on the now obviously open Stor-All crate.

"S-sorry sir! I'm looking for Commander Jack Knife sir!" He said nervously saluting.

Jack-"That's me. Are you here to wipe my ass?"

Gabu-"N-no sir! Corporal Gabu Kokic reporting in sir!" He said stiff as a board still saluting.

Jack-"Yea,that's great. Now get the fuck out of here!"

Gabu-"Yes sir!" he said hustling around the crates toward the entrance.

Jack-"Fucking nuggets." He said under his breath.

Minutes later after the interruption and the completion of the Commander's very important business. He walked out holding the small Stor-All. A confusing sight for Gabu who was waiting just outside.

Gabu-"Sir! Sir!" He said brushing past some Forkers and vying for the Commander's attention.

Jack-"What now nugget?"

Gabu-"Sir I've been assigned as a radio operator in your Battalion's Command Staff." He said eyeing the crate with confusion and curiosity.

Jack-"Negative. The new guy is some Vegan named Goat not Gabu."

Gabu-"Sir that's my handle."

Jack-"Oh good. Here take this and follow me." Shoving the crate into Gabu's hands and walking toward another hangar.

Gabu-"Uh sir is this the same crate?"

Jack-"Yes and like you nugget it's either full of shit or gold,but we know otherwise." He said with a wink.

Gabu-"Sir, with respect why do you have a crate filled with shit?"

Jack-"It's called a Hot-Box. A Joker rigged explosive crate with a beacon used as bait for pirates or in our case Vanduul. I just like to add some chocolate icing on the cake." He said with a sly grin taking the box labeling it and sliding it in an ordnance pile in the opposite hangar.

Gabu-"That's disgusting sir." He said with a skewed look on his face.

Jack-"Thank you. I'm always looking compliments like that from people who watch me shit." He said sarcastically walking along the observation deck of the staging area with Gabu in tow.

Gabu-"Sorry sir. May I ask a question sir?"


Gabu-"Why is someone like you leading so many Marines into this Operation?"

Jack-"Well that's a long story,but we've got maby a year or two until the invasion so I may as well pass the time." He said opening the door to the observation deck and sliding past some Forkers into the side lounge.

Gabu-"A year sir?" He said with immediate regret.

Jack-"Yes. We still need many many developments to occur with reports from our Logistical and Intelligence branches. So take a seat and hope your ears don't bleed with the little journey I will take you on." Gesturing to a comfortable looking rounded chair.

Gabu-"You really have that many stories sir?" He said sitting down and realizing the arm his ExoGlas was connected to was a prosthetic rousing his interest further.

Jack-"I have a story for every system in the UEE and then some." He said looking over the unremarkable dark haired young asian man in his early 20s. Nothing more than Escheber brand casual wear and a simple combustion pistol on his hip. He looked more like a security guard contrary to his demeanor.

Gabu-"Go on then sir. Your file is mostly [REDACTED]." Looking around to see if any Forkers were around and listening in the quiet side lounge.

Jack-"Once upon a time I met a Xi'an Princess-"

Gabu-"Wait! Really!?"

Jack-"No,you little dumbass. My journey actually started right here in Vega..."

Author's Notes: Wanted to kill time in our wait for the invasion and have a fresh story to craft. To be fair I stole the physical appearance of my character from one of my other projects,because he's one of my favorites and I like receiving comments that positive or constructively negative on my writing.

The names and ranks are not representative of actual OPPF standing or actual Star Citizen lore. Just my interests and perceived roles,thoughts, and made up names,organizations and companies based on my interests,discussions,lore and imagination.Bonus points if you know the easter eggs in my character names and handles.

Sorry if this is a little short. It's simply a Prologue.