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Kitsune's battle guide for newbies (unfinished yet)
Here I will post my PMC's guide for new members. It specifically explains how to operate Daybreak Legion's style. What I expect to happen is some reasonable critic or suggestions. I can take harsh critic when it is reasonable. Keep in mind Daybreak Legion is multiverse role play clan that runs with the background of multispecies and multiuniverse mercenary legion with it's own set of rules.

What is planed

How to fight battles
Pre mission preparations:
Identifying your targets
Identifying your battlefield
Team preparations

Entering Battlefield:
Know your transport
Know your allied forces

Achieving combat goals

Taking rest on the battlefield:

Securing Leaving Zone
Obtaining escape vehicle

Mindset in battle:
Daybreak Legion's combat mindset

What is done

How to operate
Pre mission preparations
Identifying your mission

Information about target can come from various sources but they all can be devided into two general deviations of sources: reliable and unreliable.
Reliable information sources are the sources that have earned trust, information supplier that benefits from delivering plausible information or have direct clues supporting given information. For example an ally or recon team that was sent to scout the area of operation.
If information is inconclusive or lacks some key aspects our recon team must be sent to investigate site further.
For information dealers if they are involved as sources a short investigation must take place. Following bullet points should assist you:

What is the dealer's identity?
Is dealer honorable in trade?
Previous history of deals with us
Dealer's relations with rivals

Unreliable information sources are the ones who can not confirm or disclose their intentions or have little to no interest in delivering plausible information.
Interests that will lead to good cooperation can be:


You must clearly understand that if the operation prevails all of benefitting sides will acquire strategic and economical profits. If profits of allyes will endanger important region, another ally or directly Daybreak Legion they must be clearly warned about it and about consequences that will follow. Operation may be aborted if predicted casualties will be too severe, it will harm another ally or cooperating allies will prove dishonorable.

From information that was received following things must be established:
Main target of operation and ways of approaching it
(First thing to keep in mind when main targets of operation are identified is what will be the consequences of achieving it.)
Factors that will influence the outcome of battle
Character and overall expected behavior of rival and enemy forces
Required equipment
Entry and Leaving Zones
Identifying your battlefield
You must clearly understand where is the main target and how can you approach it. Roots of approaching must be chosen depending on terrain and time of day. Remember about:
Main target of operation and ways of approaching it
Factors that will influence the outcome of battle
Character and overall expected behavior of rival and enemy forces
Entry and Leaving Zones

Main targets are classified as:
Tag and grab - Main target of the operation is valuable enemy combatant(s) or officer(s). Any capturable valuable personnel can be taken along as long as it does not endanger evacuation of main target. Main target's survival is to be considered main mission priority. For each human sized target there must be one operative directly escorting that target. If operatives to targets ratio is lower than 2\1 target(s) must be escorted in a vehicle that can be sealed to prevent target's escape. Demobilization of targets via knockouts, tranquilizers, e.t.c is entirely fireteams' call. If target refuses to cooperate it is highly recommended to incapacitate it to ease the transportation. For any target that is beyond average human size operatives to target ratio is 4\1. Direct escort is to be exercised by 2 operatives per target at the same time. If target is considered dangerous incapacitation is during transportation is extremely recommended.

Flares - Main target of this type of operations is takedown of enemy officers. It is very important to confirm kills for this type of mission. However killing is not the only way to accomplish such mission. If target can be captured with no casualties it is recommended to do so instead of killing it. Also it is very important to keep in mind that officer may be in possession of valuable intel or weaponry.

Data - On any battlefield data is one of most precious things but for now data is going to be defined as information that is currently in hostile or unreliable data storage. Maps and printed documents are also considered data storage. Access to digital target can be acquired through hacking of enemy terminals that have administrator clearance within network where data is stored. If access cannot be gained or is impossible operatives have to infiltrate the server room and connect mobile hacking gear directly to servers. If servers use unknown encryption method or cannot be breached on time data storage blocks must be evacuated with as little damage to them as possible. Usage of specialised transportation containers is highly recommended. Maps and printed documents are extremely fragile and must be photographed or otherwise backed up before transportation.

Vehicles - Vehicles may be captured for reasons such as ease of infiltration, mobilisation of infantry, increasement of firepower or trade. For any of them it is important to do as little damage to vehicle as possible. Before boarding vehicle check for damage, fuel, traps and enemies that will try to destroy the vehicle to prevent you from taking it over.

Supplies - There are various kinds of supplies such as ammunition, food, weapons, fuel and medical supplies. All of them have to be handled with care. All supply crates are to be inspected before transportation. Follow basic instructions of transportation.

Annihilation - In designated area enemy must be destroyed with maximum collateral damage. Any type of non-dishonorable weaponry can be used. No enemy survivors to be left. All enemy structures and supplies must be destroyed. Very important to look out for friendly fire on and from allies. Do not hesitate to take trophies because when battle is over whatever will remains of the enemy will demolished, burnt or otherwise destroyed. If any kind of infestation may take place all ally remainings must be destroyed as well.
Conquest - Operation or set of operations in which whatever territory, gear or other property Daybreak Legion acquires becomes our property. Conquests usually have specific conditions that affect choice of weaponry and tactics.
Override - Override is a form of conquest which includes taking control of certain area or structure for a limited amount of time. Usually override type operations do not last longer than 10 earthern hours.
Clash - Also known as battle reconnaissance. Is conducted to recon enemy or rival's battle capabilities, gear, unit composition and supply routes. Clashes can also be used to provoke enemy into following his emergency protocols to open a window of possibility for certain actions from our side.

Factors that will influence the outcome of battle

Take anatomic specifics of your species into consideration when choosing gear before operation. Further will be described factors that affect representatives of races that are currently members of Daybreak Legion. (redaction one)

Vision - Vision of the battlefield is very important. It can and will be affected by such things as weather, atmosphere, gravity and lighting.  In any conditions different from Earth's (humanities' birthplanet) mediterranean climate human eyes suffer reduction in vision that is why it is extremely recommended to use vision enhancement devices and protection gear.
Proper utilization of vision reducing factors is very important.
Do not attack against a light source. You will be blinded and enemy will get advantage in concealing his movements and actions. When having a light source behind your back you will be extremely easy to see. Make sure to utilize these two hints when operating.
Special mention deserves an advice not to cross hills and mountains when standing full growth. Silhouettes are the reason to it. They can be seen when  from a valley or any other point  near the mountain's foundation. That is why when taking highground for the advantage you must make sure to blend in with surroundings and not to reach further then inner side of mountain's or hill's contour.
Atmosphere - Any atmosphere except 100% breathable must be entered only in EVA suits, armor with locked breathing cycle or any other protection gear that that provides breathing independent of outer atmosphere. It is also very important to make sure that precipitation (whatever falls from the skies) will not damage gear, vehicles or EVA suits. Make sure to know your armor. Locked breathing cycle means that at certain point you will need to replace air vessels or filter. If you can use filter based air renewal breathing devices. They will provide endless renewal of preloaded air. Potentially such filters need to be replaced less frequently than air vessels.
Replace air supply whenever possible.
Fatigue - Fatigue is condition when flesh weakens after tiring activity. It takes some time for an untrained or untrained body to rebuild lost stamina, but difference is that a trained human body can rebuild stamina much faster a trained body will regenerate more stamina before entering fatigued state as well. This condition must be delayed optimally but do not try to abort it as this condition is inevitable for a human body. Do not fear using stimulators but make sure that effects and aftermaths will take place at appropriate time intervals. DO NOT OVERUSE THE STIMULATORS. We all know those moments in action movies when the protagonist infuses himself with extreme amounts of stimulators and becomes godlike for short duration of time. You will just get severe intoxication and end up cleaning aftermaths of your bodies' emergency detoxification protocols. Conserve your stamina. When awaiting orders take a knee or lay on the ground in a good cover. This will help your muscles relax and will increase your stamina regeneration. For humans it is also highly recommended to reside within battlefield no longer than ten earthern hours. After this time interval humans will need sleep and mental relaxation.
Morale - Unprepared humans are easily demoralised. For all human personal daily drills must take place to increase morale stamina and physical stamina. During those drills humans must be exposed to extreme amounts of stress to train them in dealing with it.