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List of Wings/Groups/Squadrons

Seeing as how we have so many different organizations and groups throwing their hats into the ring by showing interest in aiding this Operation, I figure it would be a nice idea for one member of each group to post a single Blurb/info post about themselves and their group. Hopefully this will help out for other individuals and my self to get a quick glance at who will be doing what and where when the time comes.

Please remember to keep your post updated if your plan's will be changing.. I know I will be changing a few plans myself, in a number of different posts. But, for now keep it simple.

Please have the following:

  • Link to your original organization in the RSI forums.

  • Planned goals for the operation.

  • Blurb about your organization.

  • Notice if your still recruiting.

  • Lastly resources you have control of (TeamSpeak/Personal Website listing/hosting server/etc.).

I have to say this will be moderated very heavily so no more then one post per a group/organi​zations/squadr​on/wing if the post doesn't fit some what close to this format I have recommended except that post to be deleted. Thank you have a nice day!

Re: List of Groups/Squadrons/Wings

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Squadron ID Number: 45
Squadron Designation: Flying Tigers
Squadron Leader: Captain Jason 'Hobbes' Walker
Squadron Website:
Recruitment Status: Actively Recruiting
RSI Forum Thread:
Planned Goal(s) For the Operation: Front Line Assault/Re-Enforcement

About the 45th Flying Tigers

The 45th Flying Tigers are one of a very few dedicated combat squadrons of the Shattered Worlds Coalition. They are named after a famous Earth World War II era fighter squadron of the same name. Living up to the name of the original 45th, the current 45th dedicates their lives to the protection, defense, goals, and aims of their commanding, sovereign nation. They consider themselves amongst the elite of the Coalition forces.

The 45th also has a very close relationship with the Outcasts. While it may seem counter productive considering the strained relations between the Outcasts and the Coalition, it is not. As a matter of fact the opposite is more true. As the relations between the Outcasts and the Coalition grew wider, the relations between the 45th and the Outcasts grew closer and more intertwined. It is come to be a common phrase that the Outcasts and 45th Flying Tigers are the opposite sides of the same coin. It has also become common place to see these two groups not only mingling together off duty like best friends, but to also be supporting each other while in space as if they were one and the same. It is believed that this relationship is derived from a rumor that the Outcasts and 45th Flying Tigers leadership (at least to some extent) share blood lines.

However, where the 45th differs from their sister squadron(s) is that the 45th adheres to a very strict military structure. each member of the 45th is a veteran member of the UEE Elite Fighter Squadron, Squadron 42 stationed on the UEES Paul Steed. Not all squadrons adhere to this. But the 45th do, each member of the squadron adheres to a strict chain of command under a military structure starting from the lowly recruit being an Ensign to the highest Squadron rank of Captain.

About Myself/My Character:

Re: List of Groups/Squadrons/Wings

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Hello, gentlemen! Excellent work on the posts, that's exactly what we were looking for.

We've moved the organizations over to their own board, so it's easier for them to communicate amongst themselves. Please make a new post for your organization here:

Each group will have their own thread, and each region has its own pinned topic at the top. It's great to have you all here!

Re: List of Wings/Groups/Squadrons

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Hey like the flying tigers reference , was thinking maybe naming one- 68th squadron the wild cards- maybe with a graphic of couple of playing cards like aces & eights (yes thats right the dead mans hand) & of course we need
patches for the tigers & the wild cards let me know, cool story by the way.


Re: List of Wings/Groups/Squadrons

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This page is under construction, to avoid confusion: Divinitus Industries is the name of one organization which commands this fleet. Got yukikaze503 blessing to start a fleet, so I hope we can consider "Third Fleet" reserved.

The Third Fleet - Divinitus
Anti-fighter and logistics fleet

Fleet ID Number: 3
Fleet Designation: Divinitus
Squadron Leader: Kaayvan Shrike & Inquisitoner
Squadron Website: TBD
Recruitment Status: Actively Recruiting
RSI Forum Thread: TBD
Planned Goal(s) For the Operation: Anti-fighter and logistics fleet

About us:

We're veterans from huge coordinated battles within the golden days of freelancer and more in time, Eve. It is our wish to lead a proper fleet with a chain of command. We'll without any doubt use teamspeak and carefully deliberate upon planning every attack and coordinate as much as the game allows. Naturally we'll adapt to the instance system of star citizen.

Our very preliminary structured first step plan
100 Small ships, Hornets, 300I's etc
1 Command ship, atm it's the 890J in our possession.
20 Connies, Andromeda & Phoenix.

These will be accompanied by a logistics detachment
30 - 40 workshop ships
To keep ships operational and make use of what's left through salvaging ships and haulers
The haulers having light escorts back to a forward base to dump salvage and return to front lines
My ships: RSI Constellation Phoenix & Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C
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Re: List of Wings/Groups/Squadrons

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RSI Website: <a href="">CTF 152 Organization Page[/url]

Our current goals: The idea is to have enough ships to almost fill up an instance, and of course, enough pilots for those ships. While it'd be optimal to have a good variety of ships to work with (fighters, bombers, haulers, capitals) there will be enough time to procure the types we lack once the PU launches.

Strategically, I think we are undecided. It'd depend on what the main plan is before we can figure out where in it we'd fit the best.

Blurb: Combined Task Force 152 will be exactly what it's name says. A combined group of players filling as many of the possible roles as we can and given the same purpose. The 152 is not meant to be a guild or a clan or anything of the sort, it's a group specifically created to work together during Operation Pitchfork.

Recruiting: YES, indeed we are.


<a href="">CTF 152 Roster[/url]
<a href="">CTF 152 Forums[/url]
It's a penguin... with a gun. I'd run if I were you.

Re: List of Wings/Groups/Squadrons

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Squadron Designation: Brown Coats
Squadron Leaders: GryphonOsiris, Lord Cromwell, potentially others.
Squadron Website:
Recruitment Status: Actively Recruiting
RSI Forum Thread:
Planned Goal(s) For the Operation: Provide transport, combat fighters, capital ships and resources for the fight.
Resources: Teamspeak server, Multiple Idris Frigates, and smaller craft of all sizes and rolls.

About the Brown Coats:

Ain’t a damn thing heroic about what we do.

We exist. Rules are great, yeah? Can’t have society without rules, can’t have profit without society, and without profit you can’t have little coffee machines that make Joe one cup at a time. Rules for the sake of it, so your poor choices never come back to bite you in the ass, for those who’re happy to be Good Little Soldiers if they get their bread and circuses, we can’t abide by that. They’re from another ‘verse, people like that. What’re they thinkin’, that these jackboot strongmen exist to give them all they want, and that they’re going to get it? We’re a loose confederation of independent captains; don’t let anyone tell you different. No bosses, no hierarchies. No one tells you what to do and you return them the favor. If you’re fond of timecards and cracking whips then you can walk, friend. Power and plunder are the other way.

Ah, but you’re still here. And I can see it in your eye. You want to say “But I’ve heard the songs about breaking the Blockade of New Damascus in ’31. Whole colony brought fresh a convoy of vitals, and you didn’t ask for a dime. And when you were contracted to run a bulk freighter’s worth of weaponry to Cassel, you found out who it was really headed to… Dumped ‘em into a solar flare.”

Big damn heroes, or so they say. Would the barons and the merchants stop calling if they knew we had a heart? Experience says no. We get the contracts we get because “Brown Coat” means fine work. When the Great Accountant in the Sky smiles upon us, when the logbooks are particularly kind and another day’s stay on this ethereal plane guaranteed, we’ll remember what it feels like to be down and out, to need assurance and not have it. We’re not out to change the ‘verse, just our little corner of it, wherever that may be at the moment.


Re: List of Wings/Groups/Squadrons

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We plan to board an claim as many frigates as we can. Also have great fun and fight towards victory with our fellow operators.

We are a young medium RP PMC that is composed of warlovers. Our members do love to risk theire lives just for the sake of fun. We also do train marines and pilots.

Yes we are and we do not force to make us your main.

A discord voice channel for our members and that is it.