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  • rambo
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Turret Gunner
Hey everyone, Im looking to be a turret gunner during pitchfork. Preferably the top turret of a connie. Drop me a line if you're looking for someone.

  • Jonais
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Re: Turret Gunner
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I've got a connie and would love to have a dedicated gunner along for the ride :)
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Re: Turret Gunner
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Redeemer Gunship owner, looking for at least one if not two sharp shooters in the seats.

Although - on a slow day, I'm willing to sit in the gunnery chair if my ships aren't needed somewhere else.
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  • Estidien
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Re: Turret Gunner
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My organization has a fleet that demands countless gunners and sharpshooters for cargo and troop transports/boarding.  These currently include but are not limited to.
(1) Idris M Class Frigate
(1) Idris P Class Frigate
(9) Aegis Redeemer Gunships (Our Frontline Battle Transports)
(5) "Connies"
(3) "Freelancers"

Our largest priority is to get our redeemers, connies and freelancers manned,  I don't think I need to be worried about getting a crew for our Idris Fleet (Which may grow to include more P and even M class by the time OPPF is a go!)
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Re: Turret Gunner
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I'm in need of two turret gunners for my Redeemer.