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Signing up
Hi there, just checking in as a solo / Lone Wolf pilot.

I have an Origin 315p, & am also willing to crew for other people if they need warm bodies to man the guns & repel boarders.

Re: Signing up
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Hello BachhusZA,

I have an Constellation and a Merc that need crew. Just contact me as soon as it is possible to meet people in the DFM, maybe we can fly a bit together to practice. I'm not sure how often I will look into this forum, but I'm very often on the official RSI forum (same handle).

Just to give you some information on my playing style: I'am member of The Pack, that means almost total freedom. I first wanna try out different things, thats why I have ships that fullfill almost every role. My Connie will be equipped as a pure assault ship, so everything to maximize weapon power, no need for additional cargo. My Merc will be a Trader ship, so might not be very usefull for Operation Pitchfork. I also have a basic Aurora and a 325a. I think the combination of a scouting 315p + assault Constellation could be very effective...