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What I bring to the table.
Hey there, this Fox [Tel-kar] and some of you might already know who I am. I am posting this to let you guys know what it is that I bring to Operation Pitchfork.

At current I own at least one of every ship.

Major assets are and Idris M, 2 Idris Ps and enough invested to buy a Javelin Destroyer as soon as they are available. (hoping that is before launch but might be just after, I don't know yet.)

I have tons of fighters so if people want to fly something other than an Aurora then please let me know. All of my assets are going to be available to those that wish to use them and help me crew the larger ships.

Since I have LTI on most of my stuff I am not worried about getting them replaced. The insurance that comes on the other ships should certainly cover them for the length of Operation Pitchfork.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping me crew my ships.

The battle will be tough, there will be death, but there will also be bacon. :)

P.S. if you want to contact me on RSI forums you can find me at

Also I am a member of Imperium but the ORG isn't an official member of Operation Pitchfork so I have joined myself.
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Re: What I bring to the table.
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Hello and welcome FoxAnderson!

Here is your Orientation Packet where you can properly register your ships for the event and learn more about Operation Pitchfork!

Re: What I bring to the table.
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Thank you Yukikaze

Re: What I bring to the table.
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Very interested in joining up with you considering your considerable resources, though I also have a slew of ships of my own, nothing so complete as 'every ship available' I don't have that kind of money.- I wish, but I don't.

Either way, consider me signed on in the capacities of operation pitchfork, if I'm not doing anything else/and if you need an extra hand on deck.

seriously though, I think a big problem for this op is going to be getting bigger ships manned instead of everyone in something smaller. Everyone has a ship of their own, many more than one, so we have the ships but I don't know about the bodies.

As far as I see it though, Every Idris-M we can field is a huge boon to the operation as its the biggest thing we can throw at the Vanduul at the moment.
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