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Topic: A message from Vanduul Veronica: give up! (Read 2430 times) previous topic - next topic

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A message from Vanduul Veronica: give up!
Hi, Eris here.  I'll be flying support missions for OP - cargo runs to refuel and resupply, scouting missions, combat if needed though I'm a terrible pilot so far.  However, my friend Vanddul Veronica asked me to pass on a message for her.  I claim no responsibility for it.


This is a special broadcast of the Real Truth, your only source for accurate information in the Empire.

Hello, this is Veronica coming to you from my studios aboard the Crimson Blade with a special message for all those participating in Operation Pitchfork.  That message is:  give up!

I know all of you are fueled by an irrational fear and hatred of the Vanduul, but let me assure you that the Vanduul want only peace!  There is conflict between the Vanduul and we humans only because of the Empire's colonialism and militarism pushing humanity into a pointless and ultimately unwinnable war against the militarily superior Vanduul.  The only reason Earth itself has not yet been overrrun is because the of the great patience and forbearance of the Vanduul people.

You see, the Vanduul elders know and understand that humanity suffers under the oppression of a tyrannnical government, suppressing the basic individualistic instinct of the human species and forcing us into an unnatural oligarchical society wherin the vast majority are made to serve the needs and whims of the eilte few who rule the Empire.  That's why I have been asked to serve as a bridge between our people and a voice for the Vanduul, to let you know their true intentions and true nature.

Yes, they are warriors, great and strong ones.  But they also venerate nature and refuse to industrialize their worlds, preferring instead to leave them in a pristine state, allowing the native ecology to flourish.  That is why they reacted so strongly when the Empire invaded their world that we know as Armitage.  That is why they reacted with fury when the Empire destroyed Armitage with anti-matter bombs, eradicating the entire ecosystem.  That day, the Vanduul came to see humanity as a danger to the very existence of life in the galaxy, and so they have been at war with us ever since.  But with time, all wounds heal, and todays Vanduul leaders have come to see that humanity is misguided and can be led onto a path towards more civilised behavior.

So to all you Forkers I say this:  take this chance to turn the other cheek and see the Vanduul for who they truly are.  Extend to them the hand of friendship and they will respond!  Abandon your quixotic quest to defeat them, for you cannot.  Their true numbers and strength have never yet been revealed to human eyes and your operation is doomed even before it starts.

Remember, the Vanduul are not the enemy.  The Imperator is!


Uh, Eris here again.  Yeah, Veronica has some ... interesting ... views.  Please dont be too harsh on her, OK?  Her heart is in the right place, even if her head is a little screwed up.

[Out of character note:  "Vanduul Veronica" is my Vanduul sympathizer role-play character.  I (Eris) will be in OP as a real participant, but I hope you'll indulge me in playing the Vanduul Veronica character too.  Think of me as your very own Hanoi Hannah.]
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Re: A message from Vanduul Veronica: give up!
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Letter to Vanduul Veronica

Dear Vanduul Veronica,

It would be foolish to not consider your words, after all the Vanduul are sentient species that have achieved spaceflight and therefore seem capable of rational and advanced thinking, so allthough they are alien, there might be possibilities in finding potential common grounds. After all it is true that Vanduul Culture is not yet in any significant way understood.

It is however also true that there is a history. Vanduul contact has been generally hostile with the Vanduul being the ones instigating the agression. Even if Orion was claimed by the Vanduul, no such indication was reasonably given upon entering the system and no signal or other form of communication was present planetside to signify a claim.

So even if the initial colonists were trespassing, it was obviously not with any bad intend and without hinderance how would they have known? Seeing as the colonists were able to live there for 6 years... untill they were brutally slaughtered to the last man without any option for surrender nor any chance for a peacefull soultion such as an evacuation given.

The Vanduul also seem not to have been interested in general peace afterwards, diplomatic relations have been tried with the Vanduul but none of the individual clans offered anything but hostility and weapons fire to the diplomatic emissaries send to them.

A hand of friendship was offered but every time it was rejected. So while your words are worthy of consideration, in the end they are meaningless without proof of any repeatable method of achieving actual peacefull relations with the Vanduul.

So we like you to actually offer that proof, show us how you achieve peacefull relations with the Vanduul.

With regards,


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Re: A message from Vanduul Veronica: give up!
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Vanduul Veronica
Crimson Blade

Andrew H****
Irradiant Gloom

You have an... interesting... view of the Vanduul and how the universe works. I would not be surprised if you were some rich girl that escaped from a mental institution and have been off of your medication. That is speculation on my part until you provide actual proof of your claims. You must admit you sound very delusional, so know that I mean no personal insult.

It is true that the Empire has made aggressive action, even taken extreme measures against the Vanduul when the threat becomes too great to let stand. However, it has always been the Vanduul that have made the first brutal moves against humans. It has also been the Empire that has offered a chance to mend fences and settle disputes. It has done so many times, and has only been met with the most aggressive responses. It takes all sides wanting peace to make peace.

I admit, the Vanduul abide by cultural values and morals that are not our own. Things that seem insane to us may in fact make perfect sense to them. But that does not make their actions okay. No sentient race has the right to butcher indiscriminately regardless of cause. No sentient race has the right to make another something to consume. I have no love for the Empire, nor ill will. It too has crossed the line at many times in it's past tragic history. Yet we are trying to overcome our past. The Vanduul have shown they only want to continue down into the darkness.

You also seem to have a view that nature is a delightful and friendly creature that is all warm and fuzzy, reminding me of urban activists in the past who have never been exposed to the true face of nature. Nature is not kind, nor friendly. It is not warm nor fuzzy. Nature is the constant battle to survive each day. This is something the Vanduul show themselves to understand very well, as do I.

In the past, city youth would advocate kindness and love toward lions, bears, wolves and tigers. Apex predators that once regarded primitive humans as prey, and would not mind eating those same protestors. Yet we, once a prey animal, have risen over them in our struggles. Rose in defense to protect other prey species of our world. Did we exterminate all the hunters? Make them our food source as they once regarded us?

No. We tamed them, as we did our planets. It took time, nor were we perfect, but we did it. Many are now our companions in work, home, and play. We share with them our food. We may even protect each other as adopted pack members. They lap up our love because nature has none to give.

The Vanduul do not do this. You call them warriors, and you are mistaken. They are hunters, sentient apex predators. To regard them otherwise is to become their next victim. You say they leave their worlds in a pristine state? Yet Tiber is being devoured for their war machine. Orion was periodically stripped for food as they swept through like locusts. Yes, the Vanduul are true to nature. For nature is a cruel, harsh and unforgiving mistress.

This is the choice they have made for themselves while we as a species have always tried to become better than what nature would have us be. These two choices are incompatible, and mutually exclusive for one will always oppose the other.

Just as we did those lions, bears, wolves and tigers, we will oppose the Vanduul. We will draw the line, invent tools, strategies, defenses against them. We will protect those behind us with our very lives against those in front of us. We will drive them back to where they came from. We will show them that we are not to be considered prey.

Perhaps in time things will change for the better. I sincerely hope they do. But that time is not now, driven by the Vanduul's own actions. They have sown their deeds at Orion. They will reap the consequences at Orion as well.

I for one will never give up. I will not lie next to my daughter on the slaughtering table, waiting for the carving knife to end our lives as prey. I will fight. I will resist. I will show them that humans are not to be trifled with, so that my little girl may grow up and perhaps one day live in peace.
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Re: A message from Vanduul Veronica: give up!
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ooRP: That was all in-character, btw ;) Looking forward to flying with you, Eris. Keep up the crazy work! A resistance movement wouldn't be the same without a Berlin Betty spouting propaganda!

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Re: A message from Vanduul Veronica: give up!
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Hey, just jumping in as a Mod for a second. I'm going to move this to the RP section, so it doesn't get confused with intent to cause sabotage or trouble.

But nice work on the RP. As Andy_H said, every great cause needs a great Berlin Betty. :D

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Re: A message from Vanduul Veronica: give up!
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"Vanduul love you like I love a Big Mac."
Anyone got a Con Andromeda Physical Goodies package you're thinking about melting for a Digital? Send me a note--maybe we can make a deal.

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Re: A message from Vanduul Veronica: give up!
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Vanduul Veronica
Crimson Blade

Morpheus Ascended

     Respectfully, I was there when the Vanduul flew in unannounced on a "peaceful" raid which claimed 4 of my 14 children and two of my nine grandchildren. Our crime? Minding our own business and trading legal contracts through Leir!
     I disagree with you on the claim of Vanduul being Warriors! A true Warrior operates by a code of ethics and with morals! Slaughtering civilian women, men, and children is simply murder of innocent. I stress the term MURDER and SLAUGHTER.
     However, me and many others are of true Warrior's definition. We would consider your beliefs! Show us! Let the Vanduul show all of OPPF their true colors.
1. Full apology and recognition of the crimes they've committed against Humanity.
2. Abandon all warships in Orion, Caliban, and Tiber. *(This means leave the systems and the warships/ships/installations where they sit! Immediate withdraw!)
3. Full peace treaty with the UEE!
4. "Trident"/"Peace negotiators" will immediately move ahead of OPPF and UEE forces while we reclaim systems/war prizes. *(Peace Forces - IE Vanduul sympathizers will be first in last out! OPPF and UEE forces will move into system after successful negotiations and claiming all prizes.) *(Sympathizers may follow the Vanduul withdraw to continue negotiations.)
5. Trading contracts with the Vanduul as a show of good intent! Recompense for ships lost *(Private and UEE from raiding parties and attacks.)
6. A two system "Neutral Zone" from said Planets. *(Orion, Tiber, and Caliban. NO WARSHIPS!)
7. Immediate surrender of all Human remains *(Armbones...trophies...for return to families.)
8. Immediate surrender of all Vanduul owners of said "prizes"/"human remains"/"trophies" for prosecution of war crimes and murder.
     I believe this would be a great place to start with Peace! We welcome, your volunteering to negotiate in advance of OPPF! We look forward to your successful negotiations! You seem to know much more about the Vanduul than we do!
Rear Admiral Spectre
PS: We eagerly await the results of your "negotiations" with the Vanduul so we can admit how wrong we were!
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